In his will, Ed Dowling left Windham Area Dollars for Scholars a sum of money to support our chapter's endowment and yearly scholarships. 

Edward T. Dowling was employed by the University of CT from 1962-1989 retiring as Emeritus Faculty Extension Professor from the Institute of Public Service. He was a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA in 1957. He obtained his Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut in Political Science.

 Professor Dowling contributed significantly to the increased professionalism of state and local government in Connecticut.  Respected by both practitioners and his academic colleagues, Professor Dowling advanced teaching, research, and service at the University of Connecticut. 

Professor Dowling developed, with public administrators, continuing education programs that enhanced their professionalism and improved their ability to service the citizens of Connecticut.  Through his capable leadership, these public officials organized and implemented a curriculum of study designed to help the local government administrator stay current in his or her field.  His numerous articles and publications, such as the Connecticut "Handbook Series", are examples of his scholarship that kept public officials informed.  Both is academic colleagues and practitioners came to admire and respect his contributions to increased public official professionalism.