Named Scholarship Program


Since 2011 individuals, families, and businesses have chosen to honor a loved one or their business by creating a Named Scholarship.  With the donation of at least $250, sponsors are able to Name a Scholarship.  When creating the scholarship, donors are asked to  provide information about the person, family, or business for which the scholarship is named that they want shared on Scholarship Award Nights.  In addition, donors may give information about why they are creating the scholarship and the criteria they would like used to determine the recipient of the award.  Criteria may include financial need, majoring in a specific field of study, academic achievement, community service, participation in sports or other high school activities, attending a specific high school, or professional goals.

Once a Named Scholarship is created, our chapter stays in touch with the sponsor to make sure their wishes are understood, provide information about the recipient of their scholarship, and express appreciation for their generosity.  Sponsors are invited to the award ceremony where recipients receive the scholarship and have the opportunity to meet the recipient and have a picture taken with the scholarship recipient.  Photos are then sent with thank you notes.

In 2023, 31 businesses, organizations, and individuals sponsored named scholarships of $200 or more.  You too can sponsor a scholarship for $250 or more and name it in honor of your business, organization, favorite educator, or a loved one.  Click here to open the "Scholarship Form".  If you want to establish a 2 or 4-year renewable scholarship, you will also need to click here to open second form.

Please learn more about existing Named Scholarships by going to the Scholarship Section under News and Events.